Cooroy Vets ConsultationsConsultations

The consultation is usually the time for the veterinarian to come in contact with the animal. It allows time to conduct a physical examination, and to establish an accurate history. Sometimes the problem may be evident immediately, or other times it is necessary to use the information gleaned in examination together with further testing to establish a diagnosis.


Our vets, with the assistance of our qualified veterinary nurses take diagnostic radiographs on a daily basis.

General Surgery

At Cooroy Veterinary Surgery we conduct a wide range of general surgery, including routine desexing operations, bladder surgery, skin sutures for lacerations and aural haematoma repairs. The role of general surgery in our practice is highly varied, yet every procedure is undertaken with the utmost care, confidence and experience.

Major Surgery

Many types of more complex surgery are undertaken, including cruciate ligament repair, bone pinning or plating, liver surgery or major gastrointestinal surgery in dogs and cats.

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Our surgery is equipped with a portable ultrasound machine that can be used as part of diagnostic workup’s and pregnancy scans.


At Cooroy Veterinary Surgery we provide a range dentistry services for small animals. We regularly perform tooth extractions and have an ultrasonic scaling and polishing machine.


Cooroy Veterinary Surgery utilises both in house blood testing machines as well as a NATA accredited laboratory for the majority of our pathology analyses.


We have facilities for small animals to be hospitalised at the surgery.


We stock a variety of products for your special friend. Please come in and see our friendly staff who will be more than happy to help you with all your pet care needs. Including nutrition, tick, flea, heartworm and intestinal worm control.


As experienced Veterinarians we recognise when an animal needs more help than we are able to provide. We have a strong relationships with Veterinary Specialist Centres on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane to ensure your pet has access to very best extended care when needed.